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Garden design services

Over the years we have established a reputation for excellent workmanship and creativity, and our well-trained team prides themselves on a meticulous work ethic.

Not everyone has the time to make their outdoor space as beautiful or as functional as they desire – Protea Gardens solves this problem. We offer a complete range of garden design services to reflect your distinctly personal style, all within your distinctly personal budget.

Protea Gardens garden design service creates individual designs for your garden, taking into account your existing garden, what you want and your budget. For a peaceful idyll or a vibrant hosting space, Protea Gardens works with you to create your perfect garden.

With an in-depth knowledge of planting and hard landscaping skills, we look at every garden with a fresh eye. We build and plant to accentuate views, create focal points and work with your ideas to develop the perfect result.

Our design services can transform a dull or uninteresting space into a wonderful outdoor experience.

Vicky Garden Design

Angela Evans, Fellow, Chartered Institute of Horticulture

“We tend to work together in the garden, dealing systematically with tasks each visit. Nathan’s punctual, friendly but respectful, efficient and hard working. He’s great to work with and there’s real satisfaction seeing him shoulder huge bags of waste at the end of a session!”